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I’m The Psyhco Girlfriend.

I’m the psyhco girlfriend on the other end of the line getting upset because he spent to much money and is asking if he can spend more.

I’m the psyhco girlfriend getting upset because he left a minuscule little thing some where through out the house, that in the scheme of things doesn’t matter in the slightest.

I’m the psyhco girlfriend crying over a sentence he said to me even though what I said 30 seconds earlier was more then twice as hurtful and of course I will not apologize for what I said be he will have to over 20 times. 

I’m the psyhco girlfriend spending as much time out as my heart can desire with who ever I desire, but when hes out I need to know who, where, when, and of course why does he even need to go?

I’m the psyhco girlfriend who cries because I hate who I am and I hate how I treat him but it just keeps happening and I can’t stop it. 

I’m the one who will end up alone.

I’m the one who countless people speak under their breath about and knows all the terrible things they say.

I’m the one who hates my self the most. 

I didn’t know I just I just was distracted my face hurt and head hurt from getting my teeth removed yesterday. I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were so upset I just wanted to relax and hang out I didn’t know you were so upset about missing con. I’m upset too but I didn’t know that it was that bad. I’m sorry and I’ll just leave you alone. You don’t want me. I know that. I’ll just disappear it’ll be like I was never around. I’m just a fucking idiot I know I should of cared more. It’s just my mouth was hurting and the meds made me bad and I won’t bother you again.

If you do happen to see this I’m probably in the hospital I think I’m having a allergic reaction to my meds. I know you don’t care. But just so you know….

I was in Wal-Mart earlier in the pet aisle and there was a guy about my age wearing the same sweater as me (from a recent concert). As I looked around the aisle we made eye contact and I smiled just try and make it less awkward. He instantly looked away and seemed almost insulted or repulsed (super awesome Wal-Mart dude obviously). Then my eyes caught what i was looking for the collars! Behind him, and his cart. So I walk over smiling because my search was over and he looks at me and then grabs for his cart, shoots another look like no! No interest here! And then walks a few feet away with a look along the lines of leave me alone. I proceed to grab the collar the was directly behind him and walk away.

I later saw him when I was with my boyfriend, he proceed to stare at his shoes. Judge not friends they may only want that cute collar over you right shoulder.

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